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Entry #2

Alright People!!!

2011-10-27 15:46:49 by LiorAboudy

I've thought of a project kind for the thing i'm willing to create..
A tiki island adventure game of a sailor that sailed a ship, then they went around the bermuda triangle..
and the ship crushed.. that guy was so lucky the sea took him into an ancient island, when he opened his eyes he saw islanders with tiki masks.. they talk to him in their language but he won't understand them.. and then the game reallllly starts! :) he walks around the lsland exploring and beating tiki islanders that ran after him in order to kill him... and days pass while the gameplay.. so slowly slowly he turns into an islander himself, the end of the game will be a rescue team that found him lost, and well.. since he'll be an islander then.. a perfect one.. that forgot english.. he would fight them! when he wins them he takes their ship and sails into an island of his own for a vecation with tiki bars and whatever lonely islands can offer! :)
The game will include any kind of weapon that's realistic to find on the beach, a simple character generator for the fun of the game, a shop and an upgrade system!

anyone who would like partnership please send me a message,
anyone else please talkback and say what's in your minds! :)

Alright People!!!


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